We are looking for a producer
who is willing to start this amazing journey
with a new BELIFT boy band in 2020.
BELIFT is waiting for producers with boundless
potential for excellence to lead the next global music industry!

  • Producer
Application Category

- Producer for BELIFT


- Anyone can apply regardless of age, nationality, education, and experience (However, only applicants above the age of 14 will be considered)

- Both individual and team submissions are welcome

How to apply

- Submit an online application on the NNC website (nnc.bighitaudition.com)

- Submit demos for the upcoming BELIFT boy band

[Demo/Application Submission Guideline]

i) Submit 2-5 demos: A complete track with completed melody and lyrics OR only the track (mp3 files preferred)

ii) If submitting lyrics, pdf files are preferred

iii) Please list the credits of the demo files (Composer, Lyricist, Arranger, Guide vocal, Sample use)

iv) Mobile DAW not accepted

v) For teams, each team member MUST submit an application separately

Application Submission Period

10 AM April 7th, 2020 ~ 12 AM May 1st, 2020 (KST)

Evaluation Process

End of submission period > Screening > Main competition > Winner selection/announcement

- After submission ends, applicants who have passed an internal screen process by Big Hit producers will be contacted separately and will proceed to the main competition to select the winner or the winning team.

- There may be a song camp evaluation during the main competition.

* There may be additional delays during the evaluation period due to internal reasons.

Award and Prize

Grand Prize of $5,000 (individual or one team, taxes may apply)

* If receiving the prize into an oversea bank account, it will be remitted according to the exchange rate of the day of the announcement.

* Please note that depending on the entries a winner may not be selected.

For any questions or inquiries
For additional announcements or information, please refer to the NOTICE page!